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We are committed to delivering tangible value and we have the people, process and practices to ensure your success. We have a secret recipe to ensure that our services are fit for purpose and finely tuned – we use our own services internally. So by the time we are working with you we have ironed out any issues and created a well lubricated set of interlocking offerings guaranteed to produce positive outcomes and delight your stakeholders.

Consulting & Facilitation

Consulting & Facilitation

Provides expertise in carrying out modelling tasks including: Architecture, Business, Process , Requirements Modelling, Analysis and Design. Typically we assist your staff to ensure they have the level of expertise that will enable them to perform modelling tasks autonomously. We are also happy to be an extra set of hands where required.


Training & Mentoring

Takes individual participants or teams and trains or mentors them to increase their knowledge, practical skills and understanding of tool features, modelling languages, frameworks and how to use the tool to achieve enterprise and project outcomes using rigorous and best practice methods to create value.


Support & Guidance

Ongoing and dedicated support for your teams to answer questions, resolve issues or provide guidance about how to proceed. This provides a valuable extension of the product-focused support available from Sparx Systems. Typically an organisation will purchase a block of hours that can be redeemed when the service is required.


Metamodels  & Profiles

Provides general modelling expertise to create expressive and robust architectures and enterprise, business and technology models. The modelling is based on well-formed and configurable meta-models and language specifications, frameworks and industry standards.


Setup & Configuration

Uses input from a review, audit or appraisal to create an Implementation Plan that guides all aspects of the implementation of modelling as a discipline and the setup and configuration of Enterprise Architect, Pro Cloud Server, WebEA and Prolaborate, including our cloud, your loud or on premise setups.


Technical & Extensions

Provides technical expertise in creating programmatic extensions for Enterprise Architect and the Pro Cloud Server in the form of add-ins or programs. The extensions provide proven mechanisms to manipulate the models to save time, effort and costs with repetitive or difficult modelling tasks.


Journey to the Cloud

 Cloud computing has profound advantages but moving an enterprises infrastructure and applications to a cloud environment is not a trivial exercise. Setting up the Sparx Platform  is not something that your engineers do every day so letting us setup the environments for you will deliver profound benefits.


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