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Create powerful and truth based models of strategic, business and technology concerns using the Enterprise Architect desktop client also available in a browser. Dispense with spreadsheets, text documents and pictures and create a twenty-first century integrated knowledge representation.

Disseminate your models to users of other tools such as Jira, Confluence and SharePoint and allow architects and business and project teams to collaborate in real-time using WebEA – a browser based tool. Or simply allow anyone to securely access models on any device.

Produce compelling and curated visualizations with dashboards tailored to each stakeholders concerns using Prolaborate – a browser based tool. View charts, graphs, impact analysis and drill-down to expose underlying elements allowing a diverse range of business and technology users to visualize the model content.

Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect is a multi-user graphical tool for creating models of enterprise information including enterprise and solution architectures, project models and business as usual models for strategy business and technology.

Enterprise Architect has a range of powerful features including:

  • Multi User, Multi Standards, Collaboration platform
  • Exhaustive modelling language support BPMN, DMN etc.
  • Range of content publication of options
  • Powerful diagramming and traceability
  • Automation, visualisations and Simulations
  • and much more

The tool will be useful to a rang of stakeholders including:

  • Enterprise and Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Developers, Testers
  • Requirements, Database, Software and Systems Engineers
  • Process and decision modellers and analysts
  • and more
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Web Enterprise Architect (WebEA) is a browser based tool that allows the important information in a repository to be viewed anywhere on any device. Controlled by security the models created by architects and others can be viewed by anyone in an enterprise including other teams such as Jira project teams and SharePoint users who need relevant and update architecture information.

WebEA  (Enterprise Architect on the Web) has a range of powerful features including:

  • Collaborate using discussion and reviews
  • Reveal your models to the entire enterprise
  • Create and manage requirements, use cases an more
  • View only user relevant content
  • Track model changes with Watches
  • Share with Jira, Sharepoint and other tool users
  • and much more

The tool will be useful to a range of stakeholders including:

  • Modellers on the move
  • Program and project managers
  • Business and Technology staff
  • and more
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Prolaborate allows users to create a tailored set of views that bring model content to life in compelling visualisations that can be viewed and analysed. Perfect for stakeholders who have interest in the model content but not the underlying representations. The dashboards, impact analysis tools, gated reviews and much more allow stakeholders to leverage information from the model and provide a unique window into the model.

Prolaborate has a range of powerful features including:

  • Role based dashboards with a expressive widgets
  • Moderated team based reviews using workflows
  • Integrations to Jira, Confluence, SharePoint and more
  • View and update model content dynamically
  • Collaborate using discussions for Packages, Elements and Diagrams
  • and much more

The tool will be useful to a rang of stakeholders including:

  • Executives
  • Business and Technology Managers
  • Any staff needing access to information
  • and more
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We thought about migrating all our data ourselves but Sparx were able to do it efficiently and effectively and was well inside our estimated budget.

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Sparx Services helped us design our Amazon environments including advice about the best way to use load-balancers, subnets and gateways to ensure the Pro Cloud Server was Secure and available,

Stuart Littleproud, Cloud Service Engineer

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 Cloud computing has profound advantages but moving an enterprises infrastructure and applications to a cloud environment is not a trivial exercise. Setting up the Sparx Platform  is not something that your engineers do every day so letting us setup the environments for you will deliver profound benefits.


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