A mentor, an expert opinion or best practice advice – what ever it takes to support you.

The support and guidance service provides a scaffolding and safety net for your modellers, engineers and technicians and is in addition to the product support and compliments existing in-house support functions.

We understand that modellers can experience canvas-fright or get stuck with a language question or realise they are at a junction point and don’t know the best way to tackle a problem – so we are here to help

You can purchase a block of hours (for example eight hours) that can be redeemed over a fixed period (twelve months) in 30 minute intervals. Rest assured we have you covered with phone and email support.

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We conducted a large tender process and wanted to generate the Request for Tender from Enterprise Architect, Sparx Services Support helped us from setting up templates to the final generation and evaluation – it was a god send!

William Harvey, Requirements Analyst

We had to ramp up very quickly to support a number of Agile teams and we didn’t have the depth of knowledge in-house in how to get the best out of the tool – Stephen at Sparx Services was always available to make sure we were on track.

Ankana Uttaravipol, Solution Architect

We would have been lost without this support, basically we were calling most weeks to sort out some questions and answer queries from our modelling staff from both business and technology functions.

Paul DeBono, Internal Help Desk

We thought we had the experience in the team but when things became complex with modelling security controls and how they are applied we got support on a range of modelling and Archimate questions.

Roger Castle, Security Architect

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Journey to the Cloud

 Cloud computing has profound advantages but moving an enterprises infrastructure and applications to a cloud environment is not a trivial exercise. Setting up the Sparx Platform  is not something that your engineers do every day so letting us setup the environments for you will deliver profound benefits.


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