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Sparx Services Australia is a new name for a company with 20 + years of experience, positioned to provide solutions that will guarantee your organisation’s success with Enterprise Architect in managing Projects, Enterprise, Business and Technology Systems. The Australian arm leverages a global group of Sparx Services organisations to provide local services focused on private and public sector organisations across a broad range of industries and agencies ranging from Aerospace to Banking and Finance to Mining and Transport.

Meet the Founder, CEO and Principal Consultant

Stephen Maguire is the founder of Sparx Services Australia and was personally selected by Geoffery Sparx the CEO of Sparx Systems to represent the brand in the Oceania region based on his deep knowledge of the platform and modelling languages and the importance of customer outcomes in the Public and private sectors in the region.

Stephen grew up in Canberra where his grandfather was the Chief Commonwealth Engineer at the Government printing works and his father dedicated 30 years to the Department of Medical Chemistry at the John Curtin School of Medical Research. His exposure to both the Government and University sectors has remained an important underpinning of his professional career.

Stephen completed his undergraduate education at the Australian National University, majoring in theoretical and applied linguistics and pure and applied mathematics. He worked in an applied mathematics role engaged in creating algorithms to optimise fare calculations at a leading travel agency. Working with the information technology division he assisted in computerising these algorithms, making them available to the corporate, domestic and international travel offices. He then continued postgraduate studies in Computer Science and Information Technology at the University of Technology in Sydney. After a decade of experience and a penchant for passing on knowledge to others, Stephen completed a teaching qualification through the University of Cambridge. In 1995 as the head of a research and development group Stephen created some of the first UML models in Australia for the financial domain. His team participated in the UML beta program and Stephen was the author of a foundational visual dictionary of the UML used in more than 120 countries.

As the CEO, Principal Consultant and Trainer at Sparx Services, Stephen has worked across a broad range of domains from Aerospace and Transport to Travel, Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Property, Science, Hydrology, Environment, Medical, Logistics, Utilities, Legal and more.

Stephen has been modelling enterprise, business, technology, engineering and information systems for the Public and the private sectors for more than thirty years, or teaching and mentoring others to do so. ‘He is an open and articulate communicator, engaging in a collaborative style with all enterprise stakeholders, be they members of the Executive team, the Business, Technology, Engineering or Customer project teams.’

He has more than 24 years experience with the Unified Modeling Language (UML), 15 years experience with Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) and more than 20 years experience with Enterprise Architect and more than 12 years experience with enterprise architecture frameworks such as The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF). Stephen has also created a series of seminal models for the Decision Model and Notation standard to simplify Process Models and has developed patterns for a number of other open standards.

Stephen and his team work tirelessly, researching innovative and agile ways of modelling and visualising enterprise, business, technology and engineering systems in the Public and Private sector. This work ethic forms the foundation of his commitment to ensuring that clients achieve outcomes that exceed their expectations. Please take the time to view a short list of some of our customers below.

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People Matter

We are always looking to expand our reach and working with enthusiastic and clever people who are willing to learn and share their expertise with customers and staff is critical to our success. So if you are passionate about modelling and helping organisations to simplify and visualise their enterprise business, technology or engineering systems, lets start a conversation.

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Service and Solution Excellence

Call us fanatics but we will stop at nothing to ensure that we have well honed services that are fit for purpose and ready for the challenges that face organisations everyday. We are pragmatic perfectionists who value both excellence and outcomes.

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Service Excellence

Our Service Fabric

We are committed to doing our best to provide services to help you do your best and we will work tirelessly to ensure you get the best from the Sparx Platform. We value innovation, rigour and above all outcomes that will delight your stakeholders.


We understand strategy, business and technology and can weave them together to create powerful and expressive models.

We will apply all our intellect and experience to create brilliant solutions to your problems and opportunities.


We understand that complexity must be managed and we work tirelessly to ensure our models and solutions are robust and rigorous

We use modern and well tested methods to create models that are expressive and based an industry standards and metamodels.


We value outcomes as much as perfection and will balance the two to create demonstrable value.

All of our work will be focused on delivering this results based value and providing positive and demonstrable outcomes.

Our Core Values

At Sparx Services we have thought deeply about the role we play in the fabric of Public and Private enterprises in our region and the services we provide. Tensure we operate in an ethical and value-centric way we have defined a set of core values that underpin everything we do.

  • People Over Profits

  • Constantly Strive for Quality

  • Stay 3 Steps Ahead

  • Be Human, Be Honest

  • Work Smart

  • Always Be Available

  • Work With You

  • Be The Best

  • Transparent Financials

  • Always an Honest Answer

Why choose Sparx Services to help with your modelling initiatives?

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Journey to the Cloud

 Cloud computing has profound advantages but moving an enterprises infrastructure and applications to a cloud environment is not a trivial exercise. Setting up the Sparx Platform  is not something that your engineers do every day so letting us setup the environments for you will deliver profound benefits.


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