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Sparx Services provides an integrated set of solutions composed of products and services to ensure your enterprise and project modelling are a success. From setting up your environments and configuring your repositories to training and mentoring enterprise and project teams to providing guidance and technical services.

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We know only too well the advantage of a fully worked solution, that’s why we bundle products and services into solutions and work with you to ensure the Enterprise Architect platform and its use, create unprecedented value for you and your stakeholders.

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Enterprise Architect is a Game Changer.

Enterprise Architect allows an organisation to envision itself from the level of strategic drivers, goals, and business objectives to application catalogues and interfaces and technology landscapes. There is no need to rely on spreadsheets and wikis to visualise the form and function of the organisation.


Collaborate, Integrate and Visualise.

Collaborative content creation and the integration of information from a variety of enterprise systems such as Jira, SharePoint and ServiceNow are underpinned by the cloud platform. Prolaborate provides powerful visualisations for managers and executives never seen before.

Sparx Services’ consultants have been delivering Customer Focused Solutions for more than 20 years to Public and Private Australian Organisations.

Take Your Initiatives To The Next Level

Ensure you deliver immediate and demonstrable value to internal and external stakeholders by allowing them to visualize, plan and manage the complex relationships between strategy, business and technology capabilities and application portfolios. Start systematically and unify existing content into a platform that can relate information and models by breaking down silos with cloud based integration to Jira, Confluence, DevOps, ServiceNow, SharePoint and more and launching collaborative modeling into the twenty-first century.

Sparx Services helped us solve what seemed to be an intractable problem that had been plaguing us for a number of months. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to find a solution.

Peter Jenkins, Chief Information Officer

We have a number of portfolios of projects but always struggled with reusing solutions and understanding cross project dependencies. Sparx Services setup a cloud based repository that now makes it all seem like magic.

Wilhelm Hofmann, Program Manager

We didn’t realise it but our biggest problem was that our enterprise information was locked up like the crown jewels. The collaboration features of the Enterprise Architect suite and some mentoring has bought our entrprise into the digital age – thanks!

Jenny Wilson, Chief Executive Officer

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Discover what the future has in store by viewing our news items that announce what has just happened or what is on the near horizon. We work closely with our customers and partners and welcome your interest in the events in the Sparx ecosystem.

Journey to the Cloud

 Cloud computing has profound advantages but moving an enterprises infrastructure and applications to a cloud environment is not a trivial exercise. Setting up the Sparx Platform  is not something that your engineers do every day so letting us setup the environments for you will deliver profound benefits.


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